Teens and faith

Teens and faith

This is a blog for young people to reflect spiritually

We love having a space to record our spiritual journey as disciples growing deeper in our faith.

Our thoughts on the faces of Jesus

The Faces of JesusPosted by Rev Yvonne Mon, April 24, 2017 14:41:32

We are a group of young people living and exploring our faith in Jesus Christ.

For some of us our journey as disciples began as we explored confirmation and what that means. There are others among us who have not yet been baptised though are journeying together in faith as we learn who we are as children of God.

We looked at some pictures of Jesus and learnt that we each had our own image in our minds. We didn’t realise there are so many different visions of Jesus, which helped us realise that others visualise and interpret Jesus in their own ways too.

We believe it is good to have open minds and explore other ways people interpret Jesus as well as our own thoughts and visualisations of Jesus.

Catacombs Christ... I like this image because it involves features from most of the other interpretations of Jesus.

Eastern Icon Jesus …. I like this eastern icon version of Jesus because it is very traditional and is how I would visualise him during his time on earth preaching and teaching the children of god. I would be able to see him preaching in the streets.

Barcode Jesus.. I like Barcode Jesus because he is unique and fits into how I see Jesus. We see barcodes a lot and it is unique to see the barcodes turned into pictures of Jesus. Also if you look across the picture, you get a different perspective, which links in to how we all see Jesus differently.

Black Jesus.. I like black jesus because it is unique, and it is what Jesus might look like now. Also that is how you might see Jesus in the desert in the 21st Century.