Teaching in the parish

Teaching in the parish

This blog is to share the teaching within the parish

We are a parish who worship in four churches whilst being one worshipping community. Those who teach and preach within the parish wish to share what we believe God is sharing with us as we journey into the local communities and those in the wider areas.

Romans 13:8-14 and Matthew 15:18-20 - Trinity thirteen - Rev Yvonne Callaghan

Sunday 10th September 2017Posted by Yvonne Callaghan Sun, April 08, 2018 09:09:29
The words we have just heard Jesus say to the disciples reminds me of our sending church our home church the church where I was married we we bought our boys to baptism where my dad was taken on his last journey.. We were a church similar to here in a way on the edge of a rural area which had grown some small industries which still had something of a village feel about it for those of us who had grown up there those of us who knew the area before the changes when we were surrounded by fields not new builds new houses which change the shape of who we were.. And even though we were dying many of the people who had been in the church all of their lives spoke harshly to anyone who suggested change there was gossip division back bitting anonymous letters sides taken That continued after we left to worship in a more healthy environment a place where people listened to the will of God above their own will And about seven years ago now.. our family church was sold to the russian orthodox as the original church family had let the division and harshness get between them in a way that made them unattractive to others and the church community died.. This is the result of gossip of sin of refusal to listen one to another to discern the will of God and to hang on to what we want rather than what God wants.. Yet those in that community who had left and gone to another church also had a part to play by not sticking in the process not being bold enough to speak truthfully into situatiations not seeking mediation.. We all had a part to play in the death of that Church community and have each taken a time of confession collegiately and privately.. we have each spoken out about how we had a part in the death of the church in that place Bishop Nick last week spoke about when we gather after we have praised God our next stage is to always confess because when we confess to God we have to go through a time of recollection a time of acknowledgement of our sins that is a time of unbinding a time of releasing we don't want to get to heaven and have to start recalling and remembering before God the things we could have brought to him whilst we were here because the change that could have happened is too late for those we live among binding.. and unbinding.. One of my responsibilities as your priest who has cure of your souls is to unbind you enable you to be who you are as Church and as individuals.. Yet we can often find owning our own sin hard and Jesus knows that Jesus speaks of the problem of sin throughout the gospel of Matthew. Yet and I hope you hear this that Jesus even knowing about our sinfulness continues to love and call us. He calls us to him knowing that whatever our sin we can acknowledge our sin before him in freedom without condemnation And just as he knew Simon Peter deny him three times He knows that the Church you ….. me … we will sin we will disagree and we will cause offence and sometimes harm to each other sometimes that will be accidentally and sometimes with intention and purpose Yesterday I presided at the wedding of a lovely couple called Alex and Stephanie Alex grew up in Scorton and Steph in America Their language The words they both use Often has a different meaning for the same word and they had to work at understanding the truth of what each was saying to the other when they actually thought they knew what each was saying to the other. But .. but… they both knew when the words the language used around them was not of love Jesus knows our fallen brokenness he knows we use language words and actions which are a long way from the Trinity’s ideal of love. Jesus has already seen bickering and power-play within the twelve, he has heard heated comments that have caused wounds within the group Comments that he has had to confront and speak truth into He knows he is going to leave the disciples and that they and those who become his new church, will be tempted to air their grievances in the broken ways of the damaged world: And over the years owning our brokenness being real Honest one to another Sitting down and hearing the real truth The real understanding of one to another Has almost gone in church and society Instead we often gossip We mutter sabotage when we feel slighted When things don't go our way Society often moves into litigation expensive law suits, insurance claims, to get our way We sell stories to the tabloids, We gossip... tittle tattle Which breaks unity and brings incongruence disharmony in worship. How wonderful to be able to read this and think that Jesus was wrong, that we have been able to follow him without upsetting anyone. We all know of stories similar to that of my home church we have experienced similar here whilst i have been here and throughout the generations. We take sides, we feel slighted, and before we know it, the church is at war with itself. Is this really what Jesus died on the cross for? are we really so inward looking that we spend all our energies on internalised arguments, when the rest of the world is hurting? You know tomorrow it is 16 years since we saw planes flown into the twin towers Words spoken to those people who carried out such an act of murder changed them from who they were to killers and their actions changed the world in a few moments The world has been changed many times through through misguided manipulative teaching through speaking lies and part truths into hearts and minds of people .... Jesus was constantly cutting through the part truths The lies The gossip and in doing so he brought healing in so many situations Now more than ever, it is the time for us to heed the advice of Jesus. Now is the time to be the people of Church Who confess Who share and who own our brokenness Our division not as a way of beating ourselves up but as a way of healing and restoration. As Church here in this small corner of North Yorkshire we are becoming a missional church we are become church shaped for 2030 and beyond I have to acknowledge such a change of heart among us We have an openness and a willingness to grapple with the difficulties of the time we are living in. Yet still just as Jesus acknowledged to the dicisples in our reading there are still words have being spoken which are not of love Blame and gossip continues to be projected inside and out side the church Words which blame, divide and hurt As your priest I have always said please come to talk to me if you have any questions concerns or worries.. and that will always be so.. I cannot always do or change what you may wish But I can hear and explain why we are doing what we are.. Today as your priest I offer my apologies for any hurt that I may have caused to any one of you and of my brothers or sisters here. I ask your forgiveness for anything that I may have said out of turn. Will you be willing to humble your hearts Humble your hearts to acknowledge hurts for which you are responsible, that you need to seek forgiveness for too? Before we share bread together at the Lord’s Table, there is an opportunity for us to receive Christ’s peace, but also to make peace with others. Maybe this could be a time for quiet personal prayer to make peace with God about an issue, or perhaps it is a time for action, of actually offering a hand of peace. St Paul writes to the Roman church reminding them to love each other. To love as Christ loves, with a fullness of heart for those who have denied and betrayed him as well as those who have been loyal. Can we do the same? Can we be the same? Owe no one anything except to love one another. ****** SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT OVER THE NEXT DAYS**** How were you taught to say sorry when you were a child? What memories do you have? How important is it as adults to recognise and apologise for mistakes Is there anything which we need to seek forgiveness for, or to give forgiveness for, and how can we enact it now? Amen

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