Teaching in the parish

Teaching in the parish

This blog is to share the teaching within the parish

We are a parish who worship in four churches whilst being one worshipping community. Those who teach and preach within the parish wish to share what we believe God is sharing with us as we journey into the local communities and those in the wider areas.

Yvonne Callaghan - APCM

Sunday 02nd April 2017Posted by Yvonne Callaghan Tue, April 18, 2017 22:48:48

The story of Lazarus has been brought to my mind

much more these last few weeks

as we have read Dethroning Mammon

Mammon being the things which take over our lives

the things we value that are of society

above the value of seeing ourselves

and each other as known,

as beloved by God..

That what we count we begin to value…

Value above being known and loved

by our creator God..

Do we live out our lives as ones known and loved

Or do we seek to gain prestige and value

through seeking our will

our way above the desire of God for us

Remember God has plans to prosper us always

and proper is not financial

prosper in this way

is to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus

To really push in

walk in his footsteps

Grow in covenant and in relationship.

so we truly live a life

where we each know ourselves

to be called, known and loved by God

every day of our lives.

We as children of God

are as the people the body of his Church

have to frame all we are and all we do
in those same values that we are valued by.

As we minister into 2017 and beyond.

we have lots to look at

lots to discern
Lots to pray about.

The new share system being one of those

as the system stands at this time

all of our reserves

everything will be gone in three years..

When we went to appeal our share allocation

Arch Deacon Bev looked at our accounts
and said ”you are unsustainable

which two buildings are you going to close?”

I dont know that is the answer

we have to discern our answer

whilst ministering

to those among us in our communities

and in the wider world.

We have to look afresh at our buildings the sustainability of each of them

the usage of them as community spaces

and not just for an hour on a Sunday.

We have to be the ones who look wider than figures

look wider than Pounds and pennies..

and that is what we as PCC

as Church are beginning

it’s not going to be easy,

we all have things which we hold tightly

things we are precious about

The things we say

“Well if that goes, if that happens …then I’m leaving.”

This process is not one which any of us find easy

but it is necessary

necessary to see how we minister

as the body of Christ

as Church in our parish

Please bear with us, your PCC

as we with you look at ways of each of us

being part of discerning the vision

God has for us

it can seem at the moment

that nothing much is happening
But there is a lot happening

there is much praying

much discernment …. much waiting

And in the same way Jesus waited three days

before he revealed his plan for the raising of Lazarus

so we must wait and discern

for the right time

when he will make his vision for us clear

when our eyes will be opened

our bandages taken off by the revelation go God

by the understanding of others imparted to us.

None of this happens by denying the truth of our situation

or by gossiping.. colluding

the way these things happen

is to be real
is to look at the reality

and we will have to make the hard decisions

based on those realities

So what are the realities?

Well the first reality is that we are being Church

in many ways which are new

and continue to be exciting,

whilst also being Church in ways which are familiar.

A lot of what happens in our buildings

and our communities

depends on us stepping up as we are called by God

What is God calling you to

What is he shouting at you to COME OUT and do

come out and be?

We have seen the gracious response to the calling of
Come Out

and Step Up

in new and familiar ways.

So to everyone involved in the ministry of the Church in our parish

however you have stepped up

or come out

thank you..

Thank you to those who clean the church buildings

thank you to those who serve on PCC

thank you to Ron and to Hazel

our Church Wardens
i know this year has been difficult for you both.

Thank you to Pam

Whose hard work as treasurer is invaluable

Pam’s vision and clarity is a gift from God

it is thanks to you Pam

that we are so clear on our financial position

I know this work has been even harder this year

for you, for Lesley and for Louise

thank all you for your forbearance

My thanks to our Auditor Tony Simms,

who has now audited the books twice

We will be writing our thanks and appreciation

to Tony this week

I also need to thank Mary...

without whose able assistance and willingness

to share her ministry among us,

both I and our parish would be in a different situation...

Thank you...also To Scott, Sian, Stewart and Gillian

Who minister among us throughout the year..

Next year we look forward to having Sian with us

on a full time basis

as she takes up her formal training as an ordinand

Thanks to all those who verge at our weddings,

baptisms and funerals..

To you who set up Sunday after Sunday

To those who keep the teas and coffees going here for the walkers

And to Diana...

not just as PCC secretary...

but as parish administrator…
Or more in reality as my PA

again thank you...

the difference you make uncalcuble.

to the work of the Church here

and to me personally...

I also want to thank those

who as group or team members

of the various communities within which we minister

Open2All ...

Open 2All Disciples, the group which formed

from the confirmation group last year

Open The Book..


Part of the continuing future

in succession planning and discipleship

Is Step-Up
Which is now into our third year..

As you know the intention of Step Up

is to ask what is God doing

and how am I going to respond to him.

We see that response being lived out in the parish

Last years Stepees continue to be mentored

and have now become mentors

for those coming through this year.

A similar pattern has evolved out of our

Continuing Confirmation Group - Open2All Disciples.
in that those who were confirmed last year

were to have been mentors

of those being confirmed this year.

A joy we have seen come out of Step-Up

is as part of the mission module

A mission developed

And the Wednesday Morning

Community Church Café was born

Pam and Diana have felt called

to be part of the ministry in the café

And over the year, Dianah

Linda Parrot and Wendy Tuff

Have felt a calling to be part of the group.

Freda is also part of the group,

Freda is there to chat to those who are new

and need someone to talk to.

The café runs along side the Computer Access Group,

Which continues to be well received

and continues to evolve.

Whilst many have learnt the basics,

And moved on to Skype, email, internet,

Facebook, Twitter etc.,

They are now bringing their

technology problems too.. Which is great.

We owe such a vote of thanks to Steve Jackson

for giving up his time every Wednesday

to be oversee and lead this teaching.

Please do keep spreading the word..

So the café and the computer group

are proving to be a good way for those

who do and don’t do computers

to meet and share the company of others.

Another way to share the company of others is

The Afternoon Tea for the Bereaved

This is held every two weeks

at Mary and Brian’s home...

which is a lovely space

for those in need of companionship,

those finding out who they are in Christ...

Also at the home of Mary and Brian

is The House Group..

The group is Facilitated and led by Brian

There is lots of discussion,

fellowship and learning

continues to evolve in this fluid group. ..

where people drop in and out

as their circumstances permit.

The Parish Visiting Team

headed up by Mary...

Mary and Angela

continue to take Holy Communion

into Abbey Care

Lilian and Doris have up until recently

continued to take Holy Communion

to the residence of St Edmunds

Thank you to Lilian who continues this ministry

as Doris convalesces further to her recent illness.

We also visit the house bound, the sick and those those in hospital..

you just have to ask or make us aware.

We also have a dept of thanks to The marauders

A great group of people

who care for each other

and for the grounds and the church

building at Easby..

Thank you to each of them

And thank you Hazel

for keeping them going on a Monday

with your home made cakes and drinks

Thanks to Lynda, who counts and chases

those who want to be on our electoral role.

We have to thank our buildings group,

who oversee all of our buildings

there work will be challenging

as we move into the future.

Thanks also to the new Fundraising Group

who are attempting to find ways to fill the gaps

in our giving ..

against the costs of ministry and mission..

Thanks to yet another group

our Mission Group,

who are looking at how we live in our communities

meeting others where they are

planning quizes, going to the pubs

and other social events as CHURCH..

There is so much ministry and mission happening

in our parish

and that is what our vision has to be

into the future..

Just what we are called to do and be as people of faith

is to love God and love others

just as we are loved..

And when we truly push into our Lord

when we know ourselves to be known,

called and loved.

As his children …

We become empowered by His Holy Spirit

to go out into all the world

sharing all we are in faith

in whatever way we are called today

and in the future.

We have to be brave

just as the disciples were brave when Jesus

started out to the cross

he trod on all of their hopes and dreams

for their own gain

and raised their dreams above anything

they could have ever imagined.

So as we put aside our hopes

as we COME OUT again

lets come out with new hope

Hope from listening and being guided by God

equipped by his spirit

to be his disciples

now and into the future..

So as we commit ourselves to him anew… lets pray

for all we have been and all we will be

as we minister now and in the future

And as part of our ministry

to come under the authority of accountability

of one to another

and to those in authority over us..

We now follow the rules of the Church of England as we

Elect our Church Wardens..

Thank you Ron and Hazel for standing for yet another year.

Lets pray for the new wardens

Lord we thank you for Ron and for Hazel.

For their continuing ministry among us this year.

Please continue to guide and anoint them as they work to your praise and your glory. Amen.